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Points System

Race to all Ireland Final: Proposed junior ranking for summer 2014

How to earn points

  1. Must be a junior member of Junior Golf Tour Ireland.
  2. Will only be awarded points in the province where you live and go to school.
  3. Have paid entry fee to tournament.
  4. Play off age appointed tee marker
  5. Rankings posted on website after each competition.
  6. Incomplete cards and no returns will be deducted 25 points.


Age Gender Holes Course Markers
Under 18 Boys 18 White Markers
Under 16 Boys 18 Yellow Markers
Under 14 Boys 18 Yellow Markers
Under 12 Boys 18 Red Markers
Under 10A Boys 18 Red Markers
Under 10B Boys 9 Short Course


Winners and ties in each finishing positions shall all receive the same points.

Provincial tournaments
1st to 10th in each age group shall be awarded:

1st = 100pts
2nd = 90pts
3rd = 80pts
4th = 70pts
5th = 60pts
6th = 50pts
7th = 40pts
8th = 30pts
9th = 20pts
10th = 10pts

After each provincial series is completed, the top five in each age group shall be awarded the following points to take to the All Ireland final.

1st = 50pts
2nd = 40pts
3rd = 30pts
4th = 20pts
5th = 10pts

The All Ireland Final points table:

1st = 100pts
2nd = 90pts
3rd = 80pts
4th = 70pts
5th = 60pts


No Tournaments Scheduled in all areas


Munster Final

Date: 15th July, 2016
Club: East Clare Golf Club
Details Results


provence_imgPlayer of the year is awarded to the best scoring player in tournaments played in their own province.